UNDEFEATED - Busta Mon Produced by Hala X

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UNDEFEATED - Busta Mon Produced by Hala X  Empty UNDEFEATED - Busta Mon Produced by Hala X

Post by UNDEFEATED on Mon Mar 12, 2012 2:01 am



Me uh Bust it at Cha
One BubaClott Down!

Blood Bath must fe gwan
Buster mon, Bunch Lamb Slaughter Dem
Jah, Bless uh mon,
Yesa Mon, Bam Bam Bam

Boxfoots, dem litter place, Me Given em CHASE
me hitten de face, Give em a blaze, reachN me waist Im Grippn and SpittahN DA Ratta!

We da truth, dem a Lie...We uh shoot, dem a Die
Mama dukes dem uh cry, Why oh why
Garbage wastse uh Pile up, when Fire Rush Upon ya hut
AHN MUCH A MEN are rile up, the Rifle touch, Ya must Fe duck!

Rotted Hole, Saton shoot 3 sum Basketball
No hoop Dem, AlleeeOOP-Gun Swoop dem,
Troop roost ON DAY ROOF Dem--ON DAY Loose Dem
Rude Boys, Blue boys hanKoof dem

Life is Chess, sum men move less
War is English and sum Peace Wear Vest,
Never Been da same Since, Dollar sign wipe mind like Will Smith
Court Enslavement, Time buy you death, and 50 statements LIE,like U.S.

If my family see em, then his family must be flee'N DAWG
If Niggas Talkn Treason... They BOUGHT A REASON to Bleed em ALL
Getcha ride touched Pirates Roll with UNDEFEATED
and Yer Babys 9 months? But I dont Care what Car he be in

My boys ask permisson Like when Newports in the Mirror
Destroy your division After-Math cant be Clearer
You Lie on the trigger, Betchew cry when it sizzle
Never seen Man Scream, When Im done...His Head MissN

Couple Faggots on the internet,
Whatcha know about a best friends slit neck?
Man You only tryna cut when you skip tests,
and you Only bust shells when you break eggs

So whats the act for?
Tell us all, you live hard, butchew still soft
Even got some False ones tryna Air force
Never took mans life, He cant Pay for it

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