Kin & Learic ~ Unusual Subjects ~ ((Free Download))

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Kin & Learic ~ Unusual Subjects ~ ((Free Download)) Empty Kin & Learic ~ Unusual Subjects ~ ((Free Download))

Post by Kin on Thu Jun 12, 2014 8:19 pm

Kin & Learic ~ Unusual Subjects ~ ((Free Download)) Kin_Learic_Unusual_Subjects-front-large


Rappers Kin & Learic unite to bring listeners something unique. Theme based tracks with "unusual subjects" bring you on a journey with each song. Combined lyrical talent showcasing complex rhyme schemes and stand out punchlines bring originality back into the world of hip hop like never before.

Tracklist ~

2.Technological Allergies[​IMG]
3.Fresh Air (Produced by Learic)
4.Black Blue (Produced by Anno Domini)
5.Signals (Produced by Anno Domini)
6.So Super (Produced by Anno Domini)
7.hit the deck (Produced by Allrounda Productions
8.The Aftermath (Produced by Gunna)
9.Verses In Reverse (Produced by Anno Domini)
10.Listen Twice an Adapt (Produced by the UnBeatables)
11.One More[​IMG] Line (Produced by Learic)
12.Biters (Produced by Kin)
13.Real Hip Hop (Produced by Allrounda Productions)
14.Committed (Produced by Anno Domini)
15.Scenes on Film (Produced by The Unbeatables)
16.In or Out (Produced by Anno Domini)

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